I am currently engaged in creating a suite of 22 classical music pieces
to accompany a book publication by Dr. Hugh Alexander Jackman called
"Jesus - the Aleph-Tav". The book is an exposition of the 22 stanzas of
Psalm 119; each stanza is set against each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Each piece of music is an interpretation of the meaning of the letter.
Video excerpts can be viewed on the 'works' page.
Right is a link to an interview conducted by Dr. Jackman with myself.
This is rare as I am never interviewed! You will notice he calls me "Steve";
this is because that's my first name, but with a surname like mine "Robert"
feels better when in print, besides being a little easier to say! Click on the
image to go to the interview.

Due to the current Covid-19 lock-down, it has been impossible for myself and other concerned friends to get together to produce any work. Myself and Dr. Jackman have three tracks that were composed some time ago which are also receiving attention, as the lyrics have suddenly become extremely relevant to the current situation, despite being written 10 years ago! Two of them were birthed directly out of worship.

Watch out for "One Day" (video link on the works page) in which Hugh asked me to provide the string arrangement.
"One Day" has been played by BBC Radio Essex and Solar Radio of London where it was chosen as 'record of the week'.

The first volume of classical interpretations of the Aleph Tav
(mentioned above) is now released!
There are 5 tracks covering the first 5 letters
of the Aleph Tav. Beat Route Radio of Rushden have the
auspicious honour of being the first ever radio station to air a
track from this album!
The EP will be available on all major download platforms.

Enjoy... and stay safe everyone!

AT Interview Snap.jpeg
JTAT vol 1 CD cover .jpg