Image by Bill Oxford
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"How were the footsteps created in the Israelites' March track?"

The footsteps are in the main, actual steps onto a rough ground, but the wrong tempo and pitch; so I had to use flexitime in Logic to move the steps into the right tempo.The pitch had to be changed because the crunch sound was too high pitched; they were caused by walking boots on gravel. The Israelites would not have been wearing mountaineering boots!

So as they were wearing basic sandals, the sound would have been lower pitched and more muted.


The same sound was then processed through a few devices to replicate the same steps, but about 12 times over. This was done through another device that repeated the steps at different pitches, but kind of in time. That produced the random feel of the steps.


The little clinks and clanks you hear in the background that might be gear, tackle, pots and pans or the sounds of pony-drawn carts, is in fact a heavily edited barn gate swinging shut; not the actual slam, but the rebounding strikes of the gate against the post. These were processed through similar delay devices which not only repeated the sound, but also repeated them in various places in the stereo field and at different pitches.


Finally, the huge sound of a mass of people was processed in the same way as the footsteps, but was originally a stadium crowd stamping their feet. With some careful mixing, the sound of a single set of steps expanding into a huge army was achieved. Heavy stereo treatment was added to 'enlarge' the sound.

Image by Danique Ter