Jesus the Aleph Tav Suite Glossary

This page is an accompaniment to the suite of albums currently in production. Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are illustrated here, with an insight into the inspiration that brought about the composition of the symphonies. As the suite of tracks progresses, the alphabet - or Aleph Tav - will be added to here.

 Volume 1

01 ALEF.png

Symphony No1 in D Minor, Suite No1 - Aleph: "The Approach"

The first letter, the beginning, where it all starts. The track is called "The Approach" to indicate the coming of the Messiah. The choir recites "Agnus Dei" which means "Lamb of God" (Latin) followed by "Aleph Tav" which is the beginning and the end; the title Jesus refers to Himself as. The track illustrates the anticipation of an arrival...

02 BEIT.png

Symphony No2 in D Major, Suite No1 - Beit: "Father's House"

Beit is the second letter. A fairy tale soundscape beginning and ending with the sound of children playing, "Father's House" is a wondrous, safe and enjoyable place to be, but also interwoven with mystery, awe and grandeur; the watchful eye of Father always reassuring the child.


Symphony No3 in E Minor, Suite No1 - Gimel - "The Israelites' March"

A gong and the sound of distant anguish marks the culmination of the last plague to visit Egypt. A solitary Israelite sets off, trudging out to join dozens, hundreds then many thousands as they set off for the longest walk of their lives. Pressing on through anguish and doubt, they arrive at the water's edge...

04 DALET.png

Symphony No4 in C Major, Suite No1 - Dalet: "Threshold"

The fourth letter illustrates a door. Every door has a threshold over which you must step to enter into the safe place. In Egypt and the first Passover, this threshold was filled with the blood of the sacrificial lamb. The music captures that moment in time when a person hesitates to take that step over that threshold, and finally deciding to walk into safety....

05 HEH.png

Symphony No5 in E Major, Suite No1 - Heh: "Seeds"

Heh signifies a window through which we receive light and air. Throwing open the window reveals both, yet you can see neither: You can't see the air but you know it's movement by what it disturbs around you. You cannot see light, but by it you see everything else. The 6/8 time of the music reproduces the dance of a seed as it rides the breeze, illuminated by the light of the Sun...

The album suite is an official companion to the book of the same name by Dr. Hugh Alexander Jackman. This publication is highly recommended as an insight into the three-dimensionality of the Hebrew letters of the Aleph Tav.
It is available from Amazon as a paperback publication or as an e-book for Kindle. Click on the book to go to the Amazon page.

Dr. Jackman also produced podcasts exploring each of the 22 letters, and these are viewable on either Youtube or at his home website, Spirit and Life. Click on the SL logo (right) to visit.