Currently the resident worship musician at a local Baptist Church, Robert specialises in unscripted / unrehearsed and improvised music in Church worship environments, manipulating choice instruments on the fly to create a contemplative and meditative atmosphere.
Robert has his own peculiar way of fusing different styles of music and is not specific to any particular genre, however his background is largely electronic/synthesizer based. 

His gifting includes an ability to perceive musical arrangement around an acapella lyric and manifest it as a complete finished arrangement.

Robert has had two online no1 chart toppers as Cure By Fire with a minor UK/International online music outlet.
Past projects have involved RnB, HipHop and club dance music, and is registering existing and new music scores for various media presentation purposes.

He is based in South Northamptonshire, UK.

"The whole point of music in worship is to help people meet with God. The whole point of music in evangelism is to show the way to Him."

The Cure By Fire name is registered with international band name database Bandname.com

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