Music has threaded a path through several generations of Robert's family,
beginning with his great grandfather - a bandsman in the Spanish military.
His grandfather was an accomplished pianist, his mother had a fine singing
voice and Robert demonstrated a very early interest in the keys.
He spent many hours listening to his mother's records even when he was
7 years old, playing them for himself. The collection would span pop songs
of the day along with musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and big band
numbers by Edmundo Ros.

Robert eventually gave up music at school in favour of his other love,
which was art and design. However a friend told him to sit and listen to
"Equinoxe" by Jean Michel Jarre. At that moment, Robert's fascination with
music was reignited and furthermore, a vivid imagination in the creation of
sounds by electronic means.

His first synthesiser was a JHS1 drum synthesiser upon which he mastered a live "performance" of a London Underground tube train, complete
with hydraulic doors and track noise! Small synthesiser keyboards followed with homemade tapes recording the early rudimentary efforts.

Over many years, the inventory of equipment grew, albeit slowly, with outboard equipment and software gradually being added to.
An active Christian faith, good fortune and hard work allowed the development of Robert's work to come to fruition, with the selfless support
from his wife Elizabeth figuring greatly all along the way.

Robert spent many years playing in local Churches and various Christian retreats and seminary events, mastering the technique of manipulating
four separate instruments simultaneously from a single keyboard, without the use of preprogrammed sequences, computers, sequencer devices
or backing tracks. Inspired improvisational playing honed over the years, now assists in Robert's ability to "see" musical arrangements in his mind.
Today he uses a mixture of vintage and virtual reality instruments, with a range of styles including (but not limited to) electronic dance music
(EDM), Soul/Funk/Fusion and full orchestra classical music. He has music that he produced being used by at least one online TV programme in
the Philippines, and another that is still being used on a regular basis by a Church assembly elsewhere.

At the time of going to press, Robert is busy producing a suite of 22 classical movements that are interpretations of the letters of the Hebrew
Alphabet (the Alef Tav), and is collaborating with Hugh Alexander on various tracks which are destined for mainstream release.

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"The whole point of music in worship is to help people meet with God. The whole point of music in everything is to help people see what they are looking at."